Just small updates…

First off, I apologize for not having very much fun/eventful/entertaining/especially insightful posts lately… (Not that I’m saying my posts are usually any of those things,  its just that I feel a little bad for not really having anything new and exciting to share).

My husband’s employer’s insurance, and mine both changed effective 1/1/09, so I am somewhat patiently waiting for cards that “should be here any time”. In hushed tones I’ll explain what I mean by somewhat patiently. Because I was really afraid to order another 30 day supply at the end of December, as I didn’t want them to come back at me later for the entire cost of the Copaxone I waited, so to date its been about two-weeks without it.  I know that If I shared that piece of information that everyone (especially family) would get upset with me, but I knew I really really couldn’t afford a $2000.00 bill, and I couldn’t get any straight answers from anyone on whither or not they’d come back at me for the full amount, so here I am.   Waiting on information which will hopefully come soon, so I can yet again get things set up for treatment, but on a side note, kind of enjoying the needle-less break period. Shhh.. don’t tell 🙂  I haven’t been doing badly either, it seems as long as I take my vitamins, I stay in pretty good shape as far as keeping the symptoms down.

On the house front, …. ironically, that is exactly where its at.. they are working on getting the front porch put together, so that they can finish getting the roof on. Weather has caused delays, as the last two Saturdays even, we have gone out there with the intention of helping with the planned effort to get that portion done, but the weather with its ice & freezing conditions has made it difficult, and have led us to work on other projects out there.

The other home that we’ve been helping with is set to be done and ready for the people to move into by the end of the month. They’ve been doing finishing work, and the carpeting for them is set to be done sometime this next week. I’m very happy for them. They have been working on their home since March of last year.

My niece is doing quite nicely,  however that whole household is completely exhausted. It is definitely and adjustment for them, but I can tell they are happy to have her here. Last time I was there, Mom, Dad & Baby Alysondra all looked totally spent, but content at the same time. 🙂  I keep offering to help, but they say they are doing good, and what good comes of arguing.. lol. I instead just keep reminding them that the offer still stands.

Habitat has asked me to come speak at an event this next Saturday, I’ve done a few of them now, hopefully by the end of this all, I won’t be as nervous to speak in front of people.

I’ve gotten a few decent packing boxes, and the idea is to start packing up things that we don’t use often, so that we don’t have to pack them up later…  Its an idea anyway. ..


One thought on “Just small updates…”

  1. I do not judge skipping the needles. Enjoy the break. I don’t take anything and my lesions have not multiplied or grown. That is about all the meds will help with anyway so I don’t think a short break will mess you up. Shhhh… the MS police may throw things at me now.

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