My Newest Niece!

Here are some pictures of my newest niece!

Alysondra Jucillia Mason ~ born 12/30/08 @ 3:34 am
6lbs 14oz. ~ 19 inches long


My little Sister Muriel & her baby Alysondra


And hey.. one more.. 🙂


Mom, Dad & Baby are doing fine!

For those non-family readers – The baby’s middle name is a family name, it is not only one of Muriel’s middle names, but comes from our Mother’s Norwegian Grandmother who’s middle name was  Jucillia. (Pronounced – “Jew-seal-ya”)

Baby Aly on the way!

My sister is being induced today, so tonight or tomorrow we should  be able to welcome in little Alysondra! I’m very excited for Muriel & Trevor! What a fun new chapter in their lives.. The next post will most likely have baby pictures.. so be ready 🙂

Muriel was showing signs of pre-eclampsia again, so they are going to go ahead and induce. She now close enough full term (at 38 weeks), even though her due date was January 13th.

Hope you all had a great Christmas, and that things are good as we prepare to begin the new year!