House Update… Trusses

Here is the picture I took this weekend when we went out to work on the house. It is sounding like the overall feeling is that it might be finished sometime this next spring, between March and May, but it really all depends on the volunteers we are able to get, and the weather, and schedules..


(Visit the Habitat House page and scroll down to watch the changes over time!)

The Other Habitat Project ~

On Saturday, (as there wasn’t much we could do on our project and still be useful) Deon and I, (and my friend Kathy) ended up putting our hours in working on another two family’s common wall houses. (both families will be a neighbor of ours). We helped paint their diningrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, 1 livingroom, and half of the other side’s living room, and the upstairs bathroom in one as well.  The are hoping to have those two families in their place right before Christmas. I hope they make it in time. I did hear though that their vinyl was going in this coming Wednesday..


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