Baby Scare…

Yesterday afternoon, I received an e-mail from my sister saying that she was being transferred to OHSU Hospital, and that they didn’t tell her why, other than she had more protein than she should. I called her house, but they had already left, so I looked up online what that might mean, and it said pre-eclampsia. She and her husband got up there and they ran more tests. If it was what they thought, they would most likely take the baby early as it could be detrimental otherwise.

A few hours later, her mother-in-law and I made it up to the Labor & Delivery section of OHSU to be with them. (it is a hour drive from where we live) Right before we got there, they were told it actually might not be pre-eclampsia, and about 25 minutes after we arrived in her room, They let her go home.

The nurse came back in and said that the tests on her that they had run on her had came back fine. The only test that came up different was her blood pressure, and it had since returned to normal. When you understand that they were driving to an unfamiliar busy city, where they ended up getting lost and it took them two hours to find instead of 1 hour, as well as just being emotional and worried that something bad was happening, it may have attributed at least part to her original rate recorded.

OHSU even contacted the local clinic to ask what they saw that made them send her up there. The nurse couldn’t confirm it, but my sister really thinks that an incorrect decimal placement happened when the local clinic was calculating the protein level. They had told her she had 3 grams of protein when what was considered as OK she was told was 300 mg.

I am very thankful that when I had my kids, I had a great doctor who was very competent. I can only imagine the stress she must have been feeling, and from the sounds of it, it was all unnecessary. I’m glad she and the baby are ok.

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