Thanksgiving vs. Christmas…

I believe that I’ve come to the conclusion that Thanksgiving is my now favorite holiday. Not because of the food either. Food doesn’t excite me half as much anymore with the MS diet I’m on, its just not as fun. I think I’m even becoming and extremist on the food subject because now, it makes me feel slightly ill to even watch people enjoy the fat-filled, cholesterol-forming, sugar-laiden goodies that I myself used to love. I feel bad for what others are putting in their body… yep its confirmed.. I’m a food extremist.. 😦  So its not the food part of Thanksgiving that I adore even.

Thanksgiving is the holiday every year that we celebrate at our house. This again, is not a reason that I should love the holiday, because with three kids and a medium haired dog that sheds.. >< (its a good thing she’s a sweet dog!), it is always a challenge to get the house ready for visiting family. While the finished product, (a clean house) is nice (and very short lived.. ><), it isn’t my reason for loving the holiday either.

The things I adore about thanksgiving is the being act of being thankful, and being surrounded by those I’m most thankful for. Encouraging us all to be giving, appreciative and grateful, as well as gracious is what I love about the holiday. It gets pretty hard to find those times where people present those traits openly and without a hidden agenda..  No strings attached…

“What about Christmas!” you say… ( I can just hear it!)

Christmas can be wonderful, and is the time of year that people most associate with being giving, appreciative, and grateful (the attributes I love). It is also another time of year when people try harder to reconnect with family.

Yes Christmas can be great, but is not my favorite. Mostly because in my opinion, once commercialism was tied into the holiday,  it became a constant struggle for society to keep the real meaning of Christmas first and foremost in their mind. When you are constantly bombarded with ads telling you “Only so many days left – so you better get shopping” and the stress associated with finding the “Perfect Gift”, it can be really hard not to get caught up in the materialism.

Gifts are great, I don’t feel like they are a good representation of the affection and emotions that are behind them.  Before you write me off as being “Scrooge McSerina”, I want to throw out there that its not at all that I’m “Bah Humbug” on the thought of Christmas. That simply isn’t the case. Its just that  anyone can buy and give a gift, but to some its more obligatory than thoughtful. I have a adamant attraction to sincerity, I value it alot, and so it puts me in the mind frame of “If you don’t really mean it, then don’t do it”.  It always feels better to me to give someone a gift they actually need, rather than a gift they want, which seems to be opposite of the standard thought.

Another issue, is that all that “stuff” accumulates can be quite overwhelming.  This puts me at odds with family even, because they view me as that “I’m just picky”, or that “I’m hard to please”.  I’m really not picky, or hard to please about gifts. I enjoy getting jewelry or stuffed animals as much as the next girl, but the truth is if you know me, you know those things (While these gifts are still really special to me) will get put away in a jewelry box, or a corner with other stuffed animals that I’ve gotten in the past.It doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate, or like them, its just I put them away so they don’t get ruined. Growing up, if you didn’t put things away, they were always ruined, and quickly.

If I wore gifts of jewelry more often, or made sure I used gifts more often, then It would probably go over better. The truth is that that time period that normal girls/woman spend looking in the mirror making themselves presentable for the world, (make-up, jewelry, hair), that time for me gets ignored 99.9% of the time, and is replaced with trying to get a little extra sleep, getting the kids ready, and trying to make my brain function enough to remember everything I’m supposed to bring with me, and everything the kids are supposed to remember to bring with them that day, and any things Deon had asked.  Most days I feel like I’m in good shape that I’ve brushed my teeth and ran a brush through my hair before the madness that is our morning ensues!

Unused Kitchen appliances or utensils are another point where I get grief over “not liking them”.

Do I like them?    Of course I do!

Do I get benefit from them?     Usually.

Is the benefit because I’m a whiz in the kitchen? … Sadly no..  Truth be told, any benefit I get from the use of Kitchen gifts come in the form of Deon using them and I enjoying the end result of what they helped make.  I’m truly not good for much in the Kitchen, aside from the regular dinner meals. Of the forms of creativity that I have, coming up with ingenious new menu’s isn’t an area I excel.. Deon on the other hand.. Makes wonderful concoctions out of normal stuff. He tries to teach me, but it isn’t a natural talent I possess.

In general, I am odd though I realize. Case in point, when Christmas Day comes, my favorite thing to do, is just watch everyone open their gifts.. I’m never real anxious to open my own. There is a secret pleasure I get from wondering what it could be, and I like to keep that going as long as possible in my own mind, until I’m forced to open them. So really, when you think about it, you could just get me an empty box, wrap it up, and stick it under the tree with my name on it, and that would suffice to give me  a good portion of my same “Christmas Gift” enjoyment part of the holiday.

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving vs. Christmas…”

  1. Hey Serina~
    I’m torn between which I enjoy more out of these two holidays. Thanksgiving is always a great time with my family. But Christmas-I love to see the joy on my childrens faces, and those of my nieces and nephew. And I always have a great time with my family. I guess I love them both equally, although you’re right about the commercialism.

    I saw the updated picture of the house. Is it going to be a 2 family? When is it expected to be move-in ready?

    Take care~

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