Good Intentions exploited…

If you haven’t heard, there have been two seperate news stories recently where people have abandoned their children.

There is a Nebraska Law, that  was meant to protect the lives of infants by allowing a parent to leave them at any state-licensed hospital , and not have to fear prosecution for abandonment. It was set in place to decrease the amount of unwanted babies being left in dumpsters and such, but this law does not set a specific age limit.

Reports say that 17 children overall have been abandoned via this law. Included in that number was the 9 children abandoned by an “overwhelmed” father last month, as well as The 14 year old girl abandoned this past Tuesday. Even worse, the 14 year old girl is reported to actually be from Iowa, which means people are now traveling to Nebraska just to abandon their children.  How horrible!

I understand the idea of what the law was intended for, but look at how people take advantage. Its one thing to be overwhelmed, but that is when you should be reaching out for help. It makes it too easy for kids, especially teenagers to be abandoned when things get rough.

On one end, Devil’s Advocate could argue that the kids are better off then living with someone as irresponsible as the ones dropping them off, but I think it shows just how much our society is crumbling. We have a nation of children, and I’m not talking about all the ones under the age of 18 either! People who when push comes to shove, are willing to just abandon their children and never look back. No wonder we have problems. Selfishness has run-a-muck! I seriously hope that Nebraska alter’s their law somehow to still be able to protect infants and young children, and find some middle ground as far as older children in possibly offering counseling or something.


2 thoughts on “Good Intentions exploited…”

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I was unaware of the policy in Nebraska and this is truly a disturbing situation. Children (and teenagers especially) are NOT disposable objects.

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