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Aside from all the stupid tit-for-tat political garbage that goes on in the media, half-truths being spread and other waste of time junk, e-mail garbage.
This link has some of the more interesting clips (least to me) where you hear from the sources themselves – not their constituents or their publicists.
In encourage you all  to take a look and get a real feel for the presidential candidates

Come On!

Earlier this year I posted This about people and their crazy e-mail forwards.

Crazy strikes again! I received another such e-mail this morning. How can people really read some of that smut, and take it seriously enough to forward on to others? Why pass on disrespectful statements and encourage discord among your fellow man? Where is the character? the integrity?

It really frustrates me how closed minded people can be. How they revel in drama and get some kind of perverted sense of self righteousness out of spreading rumor, and half-facts.  Perpetuating this resolute habit of blaming or making fun of other races, religions, nationalities, political parties, disabilities etc, then in this e-mail in particular (which I definately won’t repost or forward) the next lines claim to be not discriminate, and recite bible verses and claim to be “religious” (which if you read this past post, you’d understand my outlook on that word anyway)

The author of this “junk” is missing the boat entirely!  It is frustrating to know first off, that people are so quick to judge, and second that there are tons of people being given the total wrong idea of what it means to be a Christian, because their only interactions with “Christians” have been with these holier-than-thou, judgmental beings who constantly claim “Christian” status, but whose actions display the exact opposite.  

Simple truths –

Jesus was humble, Jesus didn’t discriminate.. remember he was the one that hung out with sinners and those of “questionable” reputation.  Jesus lived to teach and help by serving others. His goal was to bring people together, not split them apart.  

“Christians” get a bad rap because of the crazy extremists that use it to define their bad behaivor. Its really ludicrus.  “The Crusades” weren’t really inspired by God, but instead by man’s greed and wish for dominance over a land. Important figures of the time used God as an excuse for their personal agendas. The Pope of the time telling them that anyone who died in battle would automatically go to heaven? I mean really – how would that even make sense?

Wow.. this post got way off its original track! I apologize…

In short was just frustrated over yet another e-mail spreading hate, and discriminatory messages, with little or no thought from the sender…they’re just forwarding it on… ><

My response to the sender:

“Our problems don’t stem from only a certain political party, or a certain race, or a certain religion, or nationality. Did you pick to whom you were born, or in which country, which social class or tax bracket? Its time that people stop laying blame, and recognize their individual part in the problem. Hate breeds hate, and doesn’t fix any problems by spreading it, only creates more.

It’s easy to complain… the world is full of people willing to whine about whats wrong, when what is actually needed is for people to take action in resolving the problem. No one is perfect, and no group should be judged as a whole by the actions of a few.”

On a happy note.. Happy 21st birthday to my baby sister!