Homeowners insurance!

A while back, I had taken one of the Habitat classes that spoke on the importance of having homeowners insurance. This past week, unfortunately I have seen through another’s experience how true it is. This past Saturday, while we were out working on the Habitat Houses, my boss’s neighbor’s house caught fire, and then so did my boss’s house. No one was home in either house at the time, and no one was hurt thank goodness. Luckily they both had insurance, so they will be able to rebuild, but its going to be a big adjustment in the meantime. My boss’s neighbor have three little ones, all under the age of 7 and are staying with friends and family right now, as is my boss.  So as it turns out, My boss and I both will be building houses at the same time..


I drove past our worksite last night after work, and got a couple pictures. They have been working on the subfloor, and looks like they made alot of progress since Saturday when I was out there last.

Aug 19th 2008
Aug 19th 2008
Aug 19th 2008
Aug 19th 2008

2 thoughts on “Homeowners insurance!”

  1. When my father was in 2nd grade, there house burned down. The fire trucks drove past the school and students wondered what was going on. He and his three siblings, mom, and dad were kinda divvied up between different relatives for almost a year.

    Definitely, homeowners insurance is a must and losing a home is never fun. Being able to rebuild a home is most important.

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