Aw.. so cute! – My little sis (and zoo & habitat update)

My sister’s so cute with her itty-bitty baby belly! Here is a picture I got of her yesterday. My Niece or Nephew is due January 12th!

Muriel @ 4mos along
Muriel @ 4mos along

Yesterday we surprised the kids by taking them to the zoo. They had a great time.

~Habitat Update ~

Deon and his Father worked on both Cami & Allison’s Habitat Houses, while his Mom & I worked at the Restore. It was fun. Here is a picture of Cami & Allison’s House in progress. This picture is two houses that share a common wall, similar to what ours will be – only our common wall is actually the garages instead of the main part of the house.

On our lot they did get the foundation put in! Below is the picture of the beginnings of our home. 🙂

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