Fluidity of MS

So the reprieve was short lived, and my left arm is more numb and tingly like before. Its amazing to me the inconsistancy of symptoms.. I don’t know if it is like that for a lot of MS’ers, but sure is frustrating. It makes it hard to talk to people about what is bothering me, because it is so fickle and can change to another area in a realative short time.  Makes me feel like if I actually talk about it, that I’d be viewed as crazy. Its hard for others to understand.. its hard for me to understand.

2 thoughts on “Fluidity of MS”

  1. You are not crazy!! And MS is so fickle!! Things can change without any reason and seem quite inconsistent.

    I have some spots that are favorites for the tinglies to appear and some other spots that get numb on occasion. In fact, the numbness on my left arm which comes and goes is a bit of a barometer for how my MS is doing. When the numbness grows in intensity and in surface area, I often have a heads-up that a relapse might be brewing. But it doesn’t mean that one is inevitable.

    The inconsistency is hard to get used to and is hard to explain to others. It’s also difficult for others around us to adjust to the changes which can happen within a day or even within an hour.

    As you continue to talk about it, the symptoms may become easier to understand. We’re hear to listen.

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