Cute Pictures

I’ve always loved photos. I’ve always thought that some day I would love to delve into the world of photography. Tonight, In messing around with an old camera that someone had given us, I found the Memory Chip, and was completely delighted when I put it into my camera that I got for Christmas last year, and it worked! Woot! I can take more than 9 pictures at a time now! lol…  Not only that but I was now able to download the old pictures that were on that memory.

Here are a few samples…


Above: This is our very sweet dog Bailey!

Muriel & Trevor (and Mickey the dog)
Muriel & Trevor (and Mickey the dog)

Above: This is my sister and her husband Trevor.  I think this was taken not too long after they got married almost two years ago. The Dog is “Mickey” – he is Trevor’s Mother Suzanne’s Dog.

Haiden & Kylan
Haiden & Kylan

Above: Probably two years ago – wow they’ve really grown in the past year, they look so little here…

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