Habitat Update

Most of you know that we had put in an application to Habitat for Humanity, and was blessed to be chosen this past June as one of the partner families.
At a meeting tonight, we found out that they will be starting on our foundation this next week, and the foundation should be in by time we have the “Ground Blessing” on August 3rd.

We also figured out which side our house was going to be on as well as what the actual address will be.  Our home will be a common wall townhouse. It will actually be very close to the brand new school being built here in town. I was able to view the plans last night as well, it was exciting to see. It is three bedroom 2 bathroom (although I’m not sure that both are full bathrooms).

 We have 500 hours that Deon and I are required to put in for sweat equity towards our new home. There is a certain percentage of that can be donated by friends and family.

We are very happy to begin this new chapter of our lives and are glad to be able to share this blessing with you all.

3 thoughts on “Habitat Update”

  1. Congrats on the house! I did a Habitat for Humanity project near me about 10 years ago. It was very inspiring and everyone worked so hard. Enjoy this new phase of your life.

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