Plot pictures


We went out and took a look at the area where our house is going to be yesterday. I got a few pictures as I am planning on taking pictures through the whole process. I opened a Flickr account, and will post pictures up there. You can find the link in my Blogroll under “Serina’s Flickr” or visit

 Doesn’t look like much now, but here is our plot, grass and dirt… However I am very excited about what it will morph into this next year…

Deon looking at Back yard area (not all ours)

Deon looking at back yard area (not all ours – there will be other houses here too)

Here is a picture of the neighbor’s house they are working on now….

2 thoughts on “Plot pictures”

  1. I’m so excited for you. My Sweetie and I have just begun looking for housing and although they say the market is falling, it isn’t falling enough to make it financially feasible just yet. I feel horrible hoping for more foreclosures, but that might be the only way we can get in on the housing market. I’ll be following your progress.

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