Update & Habitat Meeting

I should get my Copaxone today. I didn’t do so well in getting things set up so I wouldn’t go without, so I have been off it a week or so, but I finally got things situated and the refill ordered “correctly”.

I don’t know if it really can be associated with the not having medicine as I’ve been told it takes quite awhile for copaxone to start helping, but its been kind of a hard week as far as my legs were concerned. The MS was definately active, and I had even had a few wierd things going on with my arms/hands and neck periodically which may or may not have been due to MS as well. It may have just been fatigue making those things happen.

I had been really tired alot lately, and all kinds of things going on, but I can only blame myself for not taking care of myself the way I should. Its easy to fall back into the same old routine. Especially when extra things come up like car repairs etc.. (Had to deal with that this last week.. >< )

 Like many people we really do live paycheck to paycheck, so when things out of the ordinary…  it really can make things difficult. I’m working to get things squared back away to where I have the vitamins I’m supposed to be taking, the copaxone, and the foods that have been better for me, so hopefully the MS will calm down again soon.

My youngest sister and her husband are expecting a baby, and yesterday afternoon I got a call that she was in the emergency room. I rushed down to see her, as she had been in bad pain and we were really worried about her and the baby. Luckily everything is alright. She has a cyst which they said there isn’t really anything they do for cysts, but hopefully it will just go away. The cyst I guess doesn’t affect the baby, so that is at least good. She just needs to take it easy for a bit.  They did an ultrasound, and she got a few pictures, that I’m sure eased her mind in regard to her baby being ok.

After we went home, we got things together and went to our first Habitat Class. There are 8 or 9 two-hour classes that we will be taking as a part of our partnership to build the house. We also get credit for them towards our sweat-equity total.

This is a great program, I’m very excited about it. I’m impressed by how they manage things, and how its not at all a “hand-out” but rather a “help” in the right direction. They are very interested in giving you the tools and knowledge to be able to succeed. It is not by any means a program that they just “give” people houses. There is alot of work involved on the recipient’s part, really they just walk you through it all, and give you an amazing opportunity that you might not have had any other way.  

The Meeting we had last night went over descriptions of how they work the Mortgage payments, and those details. Someone came in even and talked to us about getting a Will set up, and another woman went over Home Owner’s insurance information with us. I was glad for the opportunity to go.

I met some of the people that will be our neighbors. Our home is going to be a town house with a common wall. Our very next-door will be a Hispanic couple with three children (so our 3 kids may have friends close by to play with ^^). They seemed very nice although they don’t speak much English, but Deon and I have been talking about taking some Spanish classes anyway as it would help him at work, so maybe its just an added reason now. There are a couple of single mother’s who seemed very nice and a lot of fun as well. Their home is already in the process of being built.

It sounds like at the next meeting we might decide which side of the common wall will be ours (right or left.. lol) If no one has a preference, then we’ll flip a coin they said.. 🙂 I don’t know that I have a definate preference, we drove by and looked, the one side has more trees than the other, but really no reason we would have to be unhappy either way. 

There is also another space where they will be building homes next year right in between where ours will be and the two single mother’s homes are. I’m thinking that it could be cool, and definately have entertainment value in that if anyone in my family says they are bored after we move in, I can go tell them to go next door and help build that house.  I’m actually excited at the prospect of being able to walk next door – volunteer, and then go home without having to go very far.. lol. (I know, … I’m strange)



One thought on “Update & Habitat Meeting”

  1. Hang in there. I am sure once you slow down and eat right that you will feel better. It is very exciting about the house.
    I may be biased but I think that diet and excercise are more important than the copaxone. I am currently Med free and I feel good almost every day now. I pay attention to my body and do yoga just about every day and that seems to keep me feeling good.

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