Square One with Psoriasis

We took Haiden to another Dermatologist, and unsurprisingly we are starting over with the same medicines that the original on had tried on him. Although this time, they only want to try it for 2 weeks to see if there is progress. At least it won’t be as long before we know if they want to try another route.

A small frustration is that when I asked about the light therapy, they seemed to kind of shrug it off saying that no one really does that much anymore, and it would be too difficult.  😦 

The sunlight has helped Haiden a lot…   More of this “Medicine is the only treatment” type opinions.. It just bothers me sometimes how sometimes there seems to be  “blind eye” attitude as far as consequences of how we eat or how we live affects us in dealing with health problems.  To me it seems common sense and something you should take seriously.  

But then I am not as educated I suppose.. ><  /sarcasim off


2 thoughts on “Square One with Psoriasis”

  1. How frustrating. I don’t have personal experience with psoriasis, but as a teenager I did spend regular sessions in the light closet at the dermatologist’s office. They would wipe on some type of dry ice concoction and I would sit in that closet with my eyes closed for several minutes. It certainly helped me. I wonder if they still do that.

  2. It is like walking into a brick wall talking to Drs about more natural, less invasive, less medicated options. I do not blame you for being frustrated at all. If it is something you would like to try for your son, I would be persistent and let the Dr know why you feel an interest in it. You are in charge of your sons health and know best. It is ok to disagree with the Dr, especially when it comes to your child.

    I hope you find a treatment for him that not only works, but that you are comfortable with,

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