Psoriasis & MS Updates

We are taking Haiden to yet another doctor. So far while the diet has increased his energy, (and his complaining at meal time..) it hasn’t really done muchfor his psoriasis. Infact in the last month, I took pictures and have compared them, and the psoriasis spots are bigger now even. 😦

Yesterday the kids went to a friends house and played in the sprinkler for 45 minutes. It was pretty hot, and I was a little worried that they’d actually get burned, but they didn’t. In fact this morning, Haiden’s psoriasis looked better. You could stand a few feet away from him, and he actually just looked that he had some terribly dry skin instead of the regular red blotches. The spots were pinker and in blended in with his skin.  I’m thinking that maybe we should talk to the new dermatologist about some possible light therapy for him.  We’ll see how that goes.

I went in yesterday for my check up with the Neurologist. He actually I should call the hospital and complain about the fiasco with having to go back and give blood after they had already sent me home from my spinal tap. So I will do that. The weather here has been beautiful, but I’m a little depressed that while I had heard that the heat would aggrivate MS symptoms, I kind of had a “ah-not me” attitude about it, but I am humbled now as just walking the block and a half to my car in the heat made my legs get that old shaking feeling so quick and more severe then its been in awhile.

I’m doing somewhat better with the Copaxone shots, although I do absolutely refuse to do the injection in my stomach, because they said avoid stretch marks, and three kids later, there isn’t much area that isn’t a stretchmark, but I seem to be doing ok with just alternating the other 6 areas. Some days I just know the injection is going to hurt worse as certain areas are sensitive.

I was kind of disappointed that they didn’t weigh me at my appointment yesterday. I don’t own a scale, and as of my last appointment I had lost about 15 lbs. So I’m a little curious. Not very often that I want to be weighed.. lol. If nothing else, the MS forces me to do the things to be healthy. Before I knew I should, and I’d half-heartedly adhere to the ideas of being healthy, but now with the MS it affects me. Now if I don’t eat or do what I’m supposed to, I actually physically suffer, so its far more of an incentive.





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