Psoriasis & MS Updates

Took Haiden in to see the Integrated Doctor again. I need to take some pictures to be able to show a definate difference from here on, but the diet changes, cremes and the vitamins that they told us to have him take are making progress. Its not by any means gone or almost gone, but there is definate improvement in the psoriasis spots. They aren’t as red & flaky as they were. They are more a pink color now, and are showing signs of healing. Definately less aggresive looking. It had only been a week, so I’m encouraged to see what kind of response it will show over time. I have seen online that there is also a DermaZinc Shampoo, so I might look into getting that for him as well.

As for me, well I probably haven’t been very good this week in terms of medicine. Diet has been fine, I hadn’t fallen off the wagon in that area. Oddly enough the cravings for dairy, and meat are subsiding.. and scary enough I think I might be morphing into a vegetarian. The thought of meat isn’t as appealing as it once was, and last time I had chicken, it gave me a sick feeling (And yes! it was cooked properly).

But the medicine side…  I’ve forgotten or not taken the Copaxone at least three times in the past week and a half. I guess I will need to be better about it. Its so easy to just not do it when things get busy. /sigh…

I can’t help but wonder if its a bit subconsious as well, as I have been reading about how the insurances for these medicines are changing, and covering less and less. Even without delving into all that is Pharmacutical, I really just can’t help but feel like we are all being taken for a ride. I read Lisa’s Brass & Ivory post: 

This entry in particular made me angry:

Kevin, M.D. – New Tiered Pricing for Drugs

“Patients have been shielded from costs far too long, subsequently leading to an entitlement mentality. Health care is expensive, and people are starting to realize that with the emerging co-payment structure.”

“Entitlement Mentality?”  Entitled To what exactly?, to the fact that we pay monthly into a system that is supposed to help our daily medical costs be more managable, so that we can afford to live and eat? Entitled because we were unfortunate enough to become sick? Entitled to be subject to money hungry corporations who’s primary goal is to make money first, and help people second if that… maybe third, or fourth, or last for that matter.  I’m not feeling “Entitled” I’m feeling “used” or another explanatory word I won’t use on my family friendly blog..

Health care is expensive, but that isn’t the patients fault! Nor do I think it has to actually be as expensive as they make it. Explain to me how my 1 hour stay at the hospital in a storage room where nurses were coming in and out grabbing different medical equipment during my spinal tap can equal $857.00 in “facility fees” to which my insurance didn’t cover. The spinal tap proceedure cost itself $316.00 which is not a part of that $857.00 figure.  No one even suggested when I asked to be sure my insurance would cover it, that there would be a seperate “facility fee”. Nor was there any discussion about even an option of having the procedure done elsewhere that might not have been as expensive. I’m still new to this, I have to say, I feel very taken advantage of, and punished for being sick!

“Entitled”.. No I’m not feeling like I’m entitled to much right now, but then I suppose thats how they would like to keep it.  As long as I don’t feel “Entitled” then I won’t be arguing, or fighting them..  Maybe I should try and take up this “Entitlement Mentality” he’s talking about. Imagine what this world would be like if money wasn’t the chief priority.. 

One thought on “Psoriasis & MS Updates”

  1. That’s great that Haiden is experiencing some lessening of his psoriasis. Don’t make yourself feel too bad about the injections. What I do is give myself the shot right after my shower. The routine of it helps to remember.

    The brief post on Kevin, MD, made be rather angry as well. “entitlement mentality” my foot.

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