Psoriasis & Ichy situations

If you’d read past posts, My oldest son is dealing with Psoriasis. It has lead to some very uncomfortable situations for him with peers as well as their parents, and I have really been trying to find something that will help him with it. I took him to the Integrated doctor today, and so Haiden will be joining me on my diet, in addition to removing wheat gluten from his diet. This will prove to be interesting for him, whose favorite foods are macaroni & cheese, and pizza…

*No Wheat, must be gluten-free
*No Animal protein – so no Dairy products, and no meat excluding fish, may have limited chicken
*Don’t supplement Omega-6
*Lower sugar consumption
*Use Olive oil drops in his food
*Eat Rice
*Eat Fish (Omega-3 ~ good)
*Fresh Vegetables

*More Fish Oil (Eskimo-3 4-6 per day ~ more than me.. )
*Nutrient 280 (multi-vitamin) 2 twice a day
*DermaZinc creme – apply to affected areas 4x daily

Other Suggestions:
*Ester C creme
*Yu-be creme
*Aloe, or other soaps made by J/A/S/O/N

One thought on “Psoriasis & Ichy situations”

  1. Hey – I stumbled across your blog as I continue to do my own research on different foods and dietary issues for my own dealings with psoriasis.

    The amazing thing about kids is that you can “create” fun things with foods and they’ll be absolutely ok, even thrilled with it. Make up your own pizza presentation using corn tortillas or rice cakes as a base, etc. Now, I don’t know that I’d make these same presentations to serve to my parents-in-law – but you know where I’m going here!

    Anyway, I did find this psoriasis diet meal plan ( that has some excellent actual menu ideas and snacks for several days – things that might be inspirational and helpful for you in your quest to helping yourself and your son with psoriasis dietary concerns.

    Hope this helps!

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