Healthy School Lunch?

I am a bit disillusioned by our governments idea on “nutrition”, as well as of those who I assumed would know a bit about it. (We all know what happens when we ASSUME!)

This morning I went in to the cafeteria at my son’s school to talk to the cooks there, and figure out what my son would be able to eat there still.

I explained that his doctor is putting him on a wheat gluten-free, dairy-free diet, and was wanting to know if there was anything that he would still be able to eat there. They said they would need to have a note from his doctor stating that he needed to have a different diet. So I started talking to her about what he could eat on the menu’s there.  The conversation that came after that, made me think I was in the twighlight zone. 

She tells me, “he could still have French toast”
I said, “I don’t think he can because of the wheat”
She says, “Its white bread, so it doesn’t have any wheat in it”
I said, “But white bread is just made with bleached flour isn’t it?”
She says, “Oh”
and I say, “I think there’s milk in making French Toast right? Bread, eggs, cinnamon, and milk?”
She says, “Oh right”
I say “For today, as far as lunch goes, he probably could have the nachos, except that he says it already comes with melted cheese on it, can he not have cheese poured on his?”

She tells me that they are required by the FDA to give the kids all the parts of the meal. She cites how that they know that many of the kids won’t eat the refried beans, so they sometimes put it in another container, but that the cheese is put on before, “But”, she says, let me go get the cheese and we can look at the ingrediants, because its not really cheese” I know that statement was meant to make me feel better, but does anyone else get the same ironic feeling from it that I did?

She comes back with this bag-o-cheese product, and we read the ingredients, listed were all these big words that no one can pronounce, as well as “Milkfat, Milk Protien”, etc. I showed her, to which she said “You might be better off making him sack lunches, because there isn’t going to be much he can eat here.. Are you sure the doctor knows what he’s talking about? because he’s ate these products all this time and it hasn’t really bothered him before….”

My gaze turns to my 8 year old with all the red marks all over his arms, face & legs as the theme song for The twilight zone runs through my head. “Hasn’t really bothered him?” I think to myself. If it hadn’t bothered him, I wouldn’t be here having this crazy conversation.

2 thoughts on “Healthy School Lunch?”

  1. Yeh, that’s a little scary. Thinking that there’s no wheat in white bread or no diary in a cheese product. Odd indeed. Unless she was going to say that the cheese was made from soybeans or that the bread was specially made gluten-free. Kinda makes you wonder….

  2. Wow…that is mind boggling. Uh..and did she realize she did not have a medical degree?

    Leaves you just a little bit uneasy as a mother.

    You could try talking to the principal or school nurse for a health plan if you think he needs it, that might be a better route.

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