Yesterday a nurse came to my home, and “trained” me and my husband on how to administer the Copaxone. It ends up that for me, its not the needle prick that is the hurt, but rather the first few minutes after the medicine has been injected. It can really sting!  Yesterday hurt worse, it was my right arm, today was my left hip, which didn’t sting as long or hard, so maybe certain areas will be worse. I am definately thankful to have Deon around, because I think I’d sit there forever holding the Autoject thing in the “ready” position, but not firing it off. It is hard for me to do something on purpose that I know is going to hurt physically, even if I know, or at least am told that it will help in the long run.

I get really frustrated sometimes that there isn’t a real “middle” ground doctor in regards to treatment that I can talk to at the moment. My Neurologist is pretty much pro medicine, and “meh” on diet and supplements, “try it if you really want” kind of idea. The Integrated doctor I’m seeing is pro diet and supplements, and rolls eyes at medicines, so I’m taking what they both say, and meshing it all my own way. 

I have ended up needing to remove most bread from my diet, I’m not sure if its the wheat,  the actual gluten, the high fructose corn syrup, or what it is, but something seems to aggrivate the MS about an hour after I eat it.  I had ate it, and later realized that it had the high fructose corn syrup.

I wish our world could have a brand new start on food products, and that the focus this time could be on the nutrition end for everyone rather than the money making end. Its really hard. I am becoming more and more aware of the fact that to really be healthy in our day and age, you have to really-really-really research it. Because even if you think you are being healthy, in having that sandwich & juice for lunch, there are a lot of little unknown “terrorists” in even those foods as well if you aren’t careful. 😦 

I’m taking Haiden to the Integrated doctor today to try and get some nutrition help in helping him fight his psoriasis. I pray that something comes out of this. He is such a good kid, and I hate to see him have to deal with all the garbage that goes along with having something visibly noticable.  

2 thoughts on “Juggling!”

  1. Hi, Just found you blog and thought I would leave a comment. I had a visiting nurse come on Saturday so I know exactly how you are feeling. I am a single mom, so no support person to help me. So far I have done a shot in both legs – which I think will be easiest for me. I’m not sure how doing the back and back of arm are going to work – seems like it will be hard. My injection site stung like crazy afterwards too. I used an ice pack and it seemed to help. Both times the sites puffed up a bit. They both look better today, but are still tender if I rub there.
    I got my Vitamin D level test and it was 33 – on the low end of “normal”. My doctor just said it was okay, but I feel like I still need to suppliment.
    Anyway good luck with your injections 🙂

  2. Susan,
    Thank you for the comment 🙂

    If you decide you want to supplement on the Vitamin D, I just wanted to share that the one my Integrated Doctor suggested isn’t regular Vitamin D. Its actually an “Active” D or D 3 . The capsules are very small. They are from a company called Pure Encapsulations. I take 5000 iu per my doctor, but if you are weary at all, I saw they had a 1000 iu one on their website as well. That and take any excuse you have to be able to be out in the sunlight whenever you can.

    I have to say, I have noticed more energy since starting the supplements. I can’t say that they’d fix everything, but I think they are at least helping.

    I am really of the thinking that we can, if not cure it through addressing nutritional issues, we can at the very least get our bodies in healthier states to where we can minimize the stress on our bodies, and then minimize the affects that the disease has on us. My theory at least..

    Wishing you well!

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