Heaven Sent – Vitamin D

Went to the Integrated Doctor today, He went over with me the results of my blood test from the last time I was there just 13 days ago. There was a few mild watches for the cholesterol, (I’m at the low end of the good kind, and medial in the bad kind, and mild watch on sugar levels. He said my thyroid looked good, so I definitely cannot blame any weight gain I’ve had on that (which I never had thought of doing) but diet was definitely a factor.  As good as I “thought” I was being diet wise in the past, my perception of that has been dramatically changed. In the avoidance of red meat and dairy the last two weeks,  I’ve actually lost 3lbs, (making 8lbs total since the beginning of Feburary). I hadn’t really noticed it, but a few people had mentioned it in the past week. 

Then the very interesting news…. Just to give you an idea, the unit that they measure Vitamin D in blood tests, the regular range is between 32 – 100.  Vitamin D is called the “Sunshine Vitamin” because your body actually can produce it from being out in the sunlight. The Doctor said that people in Africa will usually be around the 100 end of the spectrum, and that 80 is considered good. My score…. drumroll please……. ta da – 12!  Thats right, so I scored 12/80 – I definately flunked that one didn’t I!!

Now I am going to be on an even higher mega dose of Vitamin D. Normal websites scare me because they talk of toxicity of taking too much, and most recommend at most 1000 IU per day. Per the Integrated Medicine Doctor, I am now going to be taking between 5,000 – 7,500 IU per day for a week – Course I guess I can trust in that obviously by the results of that test, my body is not making anywhere near the normal amount and that is part of my problem.

I think this should be a valid excuse to move to Hawaii…. don’t you?  (I’m just kidding… kinda) ^^


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