Spring Break

So, this week I have been off with my kids. I haven’t done all the reading I had intended on, but its ok. I’ve had some really good time in talking with and playing with my little ones.  I’ve been able to take care of a few things which would have been hard for me otherwise, so that is good as well. I got my “sharps” box for the Copaxone needles, and have worked it out with my Garbage company to pick them up once its been filled.  I finally received my medicine, and have scheduled with the nurse to come “train” me on how to give myself the medicine on April 6th in the evening. Gives me one more week to prepare myself  mentally for this, I’ve always been so horrible with needles.. 😦

I have been taking the vitamins that the Integrated Medicine Doctor suggested. I think I do feel a difference, but mostly in energy level. I actually had a few pretty bad days last week with bad headaches and waist down MS issues to the point where I was limping quite a bit. It has mellowed out some, and ironically is deciding to move predominately to my right foot.

I’ve been exercising a little bit, only till I start feeling tired, and I’ve been trying really hard to adhere to the dietary guidelines. No red meat, dairy products, Easter Candy, nor Chocolate Birthday Cake for me on my son’s birthday. It was hard for him to understand why I wouldn’t have any, but he cheered up when I told him he could have a piece for me.. lol.  He turned 5 years old this past week.

One thought on “Spring Break”

  1. Serena,

    I am starting my march to visit and say hello to all the MS bloggers that Lisa provided and encouraged us to do.

    HELLO 🙂 I am Blinders Off aka Debra

    We all have been there about the shots. I have been doing it for years and I am still not use to it, but I honestly believe giving myself a shot everyday is slowing the progression of MS and that is what is most important. Since I been on Copaxone I have had no new brain lesions.

    If you ever have any questions, you have many people blogging about MS who would be more than happy to answer your questions honestly.

    I wish you more good days than bad while you travel the road of MS.

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