March is MS Awareness Month

I work in the same office building as our local newspaper, and yesterday I recieved a visit from an employee there asking if I would be willing to guest write a short article on MS for their viewpoint section. Since I have been doing almost constant research since last week, I told them that I would. If anything, it would help me to organize what information I have found and help me be aware of points that I need to do further research on.  I submitted it to them today, so we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully it is what they were thinking about.

Also, hopefully its ok with Lisa from Brass & Ivory, but I included a link at the bottom of the article to the Carnival of MS Bloggers part of her site. To me the real sense in what MS is, would be found in the expressions of those who are living with it.

One thought on “March is MS Awareness Month”

  1. Serina,
    That is so very cool. I love to hear when ‘real’ people rather than celebrities are asked to share their world with ‘the world.’ And I’m flattered that you included the link to the Carnival of MS Bloggers. A wonderful sampling of living with MS, and beyond MS, is growing out of our little corner of the blogosphere. Thank you.

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